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VIVA can help you achieve excellence in property and asset management to ensure long-term quality and help your organization function as a successful owner. We incorporate best practices from around the country to provide turnaround strategies; organizational and operational design; and coaching and professional support for property and asset management executives.

Featured Project

Planning for Realizing a Goal of Self-Management: Mutual Housing California

Like many housing nonprofits, Sacramento-based Mutual Housing California (MHC) always wanted to manage its own multifamily portfolio. When MHC first contacted VIVA in 2005, its 600-unit portfolio was too small to generate sufficient fees to support a financially-viable property management line of business. However, MHC had explored the possibility of assuming an ownership role with its current third-party management company, and VIVA created a business plan to do just that. While the plan was never implemented, the goal of self-management remained as MHC expanded.

In 2012, MHC—now 1,000 units strong—contacted VIVA again. VIVA worked with staff and Board to evaluate the feasibility of launching a property management division. Once the Board gave the go ahead, VIVA created a five-year business plan for staffing, systems and processes to ensure the best foundation for realizing a long-held goal. Self- management took effect in December 2013, a bit ahead of schedule, and MHC reports a strong start to managing its own housing.