Who We Are



We can help you craft a real estate development strategy, improve your property management operations, refinance a struggling property, or launch a new business line. Our knowledge of the industry and our experience with hundreds of other organizations make us efficient with your time and consulting dollars.

Our clients are public, private and nonprofit. From our base in the Boston area, our practice takes us to urban, suburban and rural settings nearby and across the country.

Buildings: Feasibility, Finance, Execution

Successful developments should benefit their neighborhoods, their residents and their owners, on the day they open and long-term. As experienced practitioners, VIVA can help with any stage of your project. From program design, siting, financing, permitting, community process, or managing a construction team, we have the know-how to get the job done.
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Organizations: Assessments and Planning

Successful ventures start with thoughtful plans. VIVA can help analyze your business trajectory, chart your firm’s strategic course or launch a new venture.
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Management: Properties and Assets

VIVA can help you achieve excellence in property and asset management to ensure long-term quality and help your organization function as a successful owner. We incorporate best practices from around the country to provide turnaround strategies; organizational and operational design; and coaching and professional support for property and asset management executives.
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Operations: Programs and Staffing

Building the right systems and staffing is more than developing organizational charts or finding the right software. VIVA can help build processes that reflect your organizational information needs to optimize or augment systems and create structures that help your staff find success.
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