Who We Are

Our Approach


VIVA brings the experience and wisdom to work smart on an “as-needed” basis.  For some engagements, we are quickly in and out, offering a targeted solution to a nagging problem.  For others, we spend months or years refining a vision, finding the resources to make it happen and implementing the project.

We are proud to say much of our work is repeat business.  Our clients come back to us over and over, and we are thrilled when they return bigger, stronger and with even more ambitious plans.


We work alone or in teams.  A VIVA engagement may involve one of us or many.  Whether part of an engagement or not, each of us is happy to answer a question or connect like-minds within our broad collective network.

What’s This About Good Work?

All of us come from backgrounds in community development.  Over the years, we’ve worked on nearly every type of building imaginable—mixed-use, affordable housing, mixed-income, commercial, community facilities, supportive housing—and for every type of organization.  We trend toward mission-driven clients but profess that good work defies simple categories.